Well Hello There!

I’m Brittney and this is my professional website. I hope you like it. My dad made it, too. If you don’t like it, I take it as a personal insult on his behalf.

I make art sometimes. If you like it, give me money and you can have your own art just for you. I’m in art college, which means soon I’ll be a real certified artist and then the prices go up. So you’d better hire me right now. If you want certified art, then you’d better wait.

My dad said to write about me here. As usual, I know a lot about me but I can’t seem to recall any details. I love green tea so much that I think my teeth will fall out earlier than others when I’m elderly because I drink it so often. 

About My Art

I enjoy drawing so many different things! I’ve done fan art for YouTubers and Twitch streamers; I draw comics about things I find amusing; I create original characters expressing a full range of facial expressions. I’ve done some logo work as well, and I am working on a Telegram sticker pack, too.

I’ve been developing my own style for a long time, working with pencil, then experimenting with pen/inking those drawings. Recently I started drawing on an iPad using Pro Create and I quite like it. Most of my work here was done this way.

I am happy to offer my style and skills professionally.

Please take a look at my portfolio before you leave, and if you’re looking for some snazzy toons, I’ll hook you up!

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