Privacy Policy

Short Version

I need your personal and billing information when you buy artwork, and I’d like to be able to email you after the purchase is complete. You can request your information is deleted, though, and I will do that.

I will never share nor sell your information because that’s a shady tactic. But, I do need to share your information with the payment processors and my suppliers so that your order can be fulfilled.

If you never buy anything, then I will only be able to collect your info if you fill out a form and send it to me.

I do use Google Analytics to capture anonymous data during visits so that I can see how my site is doing. This data cannot identify you.

I cannot control what Google does with the data it collects, just as I cannot with the payment processors and suppliers, however I have done my best to ensure that I use reputable business partners.

The Long Version

This is going to take some time to put together. Please stand by for it.